9 Money Saving Apps for Financial Success! How to Supercharge Your Savings in 2023

money saving apps

In today’s world, we’ve got these awesome money saving apps that make saving money a breeze. These apps come in all shapes and sizes, catering to your unique financial goals. So, let’s take a closer look at these top 9 money saving apps to help you pick the one that’s just right for you:

1. Capital One Shopping

Price: It’s totally FREE

You know how online shopping can be a rabbit hole of endless options? Well, Capital One Shopping serves as one of the money saving apps out here that rescues your wallet from financial storms. It’s like having a shopping buddy right in your web browser (works with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari). As you fill up your cart on sites like Amazon, Capital One Shopping goes to work. It hunts down better deals and coupon codes, so you always get the most bang for your buck. You can even set it up to give you a heads-up on price drops and discounts. And here’s the kicker – it doesn’t just work online; you can use it for in-store purchases too!

2. Acorns

Price: Starts at $1 per month

Acorns is like a financial magician that makes saving a no-brainer. It rounds up your everyday purchases made with your Acorns debit card to the nearest dollar and invests the extra change for you. Want to get fancy? You can customize your investment strategy to match how much risk you’re comfortable with. Acorns as a amazing money saving apps also offers cool stuff like “Acorns Later” for retirement savings and Acorns Spend, a checking account. If you’re on a budget, the basic Acorns service starts at just a buck a month.

3. Rocket Money (formerly Truebill)

Price: Absolutely FREE (with optional premium features)

Money Saving apps like Rocket Money takes the hassle out of managing your bills. Instead of wrestling with customer service or hunting for better deals, Rocket Money’s team of experts steps in. You just snap pics of your bills or connect your accounts, and they do the rest. It’s like having your personal money-saving army. Rocket Money also keeps tabs on your subscriptions, which is a lifesaver in the world of monthly fees. And if you’re tired of a subscription, they can even help you break up with it. They offer some premium services too, ranging from $3 to $12 a month, but that’s if you want more bells and whistles.

4. Current

Price: It’s FREE

Money saving apps such as Current isn’t just your regular banking app; it’s your money-saving sidekick. With over 4 million users, it’s got some street cred. Current scores big with fee-free overdraft protection and free ATM withdrawals at Allpoints ATMs across the U.S. But here’s the kicker – you can create “Pods” for different savings goals, like saving for a down payment on a house. The cool part? You can earn up to 4.00% APY on each of your Pods if you keep at least $200 in them. Plus, they throw in a Visa debit card that racks up the points and cashback when you use it. And if you sign up for direct deposit, you could even get your paycheck a couple of days early. The only thing to remember is that Current is all about the app; there’s no website to sign up on.

money saving apps

5. UpSide

Price: It’s FREE

Another unique Money saving apps on the list is Formerly known as GetUpSide, but now called UpSide is the hero for cashback lovers. It’s like having your own personal cashback genie. When you gas up, you can get up to $0.25 cashback per gallon at over 25,000 gas stations across the U.S. But wait, there’s more! You can snag a bonus of $0.20/gal on your first gas receipt using the code MM20. That’s potentially up to $0.45 per gallon in savings! UpSide doesn’t stop at gas; you can also earn up to a whopping 45% cashback at over 17,000 restaurants, including big-name fast-food joints. And if you’re into grocery shopping, they’re dishing out up to 30% cashback, although that’s mainly in a bunch of big cities.

6. Albert

Price: It’s FREE (but they have a premium subscription too)

Albert is like other money saving apps is your financial guardian angel, and they take your security seriously – they’re both SIPC- and FDIC-insured. That means your money is safe with them. They’re not out to replace your current bank; they’re here to work alongside it. You can connect all your accounts securely, and they won’t spill your financial beans.

Albert’s got your back with insights into your financial situation, helps you set savings goals, and even offers cashback on purchases when you use their Visa debit card. They can even dish out cash advances up to $250. If you’re after some personalized financial advice, they have a premium subscription called “Genius” for $14.99 a month. But if you’re not into that, their basic financial tools are free to use.

7. KashKick

Price: It’s FREE

KashKick is like your money-making buddy. It’s a “get paid to” site that’s pretty straightforward. You earn cash by doing stuff like taking surveys and doing little tasks. Now, this type of money saving apps won’t make you a millionaire, but it’s a simple way to score some extra cash during your downtime. Besides surveys, you can get paid to play games, watch videos, and more. Once you hit $10 in earnings, you can cash out. Just a heads-up, though – KashKick is mostly for Android users. This money saving app isn’t on iOS yet, but you can still use the website.

8. MyPoints – A unique money saving apps

Price: It’s FREE

MyPoints has been around the block since 1996, so they know their stuff when it comes to getting paid for your time. They’ve got both a website and a mobile app for both Android and iOS. MyPoints has all sorts of ways to score rewards, from surveys to playing games and shopping through their partner retailers. But what sets this money saving apps apart is their cashback feature.

You can get up to 40% back on your purchases from partner retailers. Your earnings stack up as MyPoints, which you can cash out through PayPal or snag some gift cards. MyPoints isn’t just about rewards; they have sweepstakes, bonus point opportunities, special discounts with tons of retailers, and travel deals through companies like Orbitz and Expedia. They even give you extra points when you donate to charity.

9. Digit money saving apps

Price: Free trial, then $5 per month

Digit is like your financial coach, especially when you’re not sure how much you can stash away. It’s super simple – you set your savings goals (like an emergency fund), and Digit takes a peek at your spending habits. If there’s cash you can spare for savings, it sneaks it away for you. And if it senses you need that money for your everyday expenses, it holds off on saving. You can try Digit for free for a month, and after that, it’s $5 a month.

These apps can really make a difference when it comes to growing your savings without much hassle. Whether you’re a savvy online shopper, want to save your spare change, or need help managing your bills, there’s an app that can help.


Are there different types of money-saving apps? Indeed, there’s a variety of money-saving apps, each designed to address specific financial needs. These include:

  • Cashback and Coupon Apps: These apps work by linking your account with a credit card used for shopping, allowing you to earn cashback or discounts.
  • Savings and Investment Apps: These apps facilitate automatic transfers of your spare change or paycheck into savings or investment accounts.
  • Bill-Saving Apps: These apps require you to log your bills, helping you track them efficiently.
  • Investing Apps: These apps allow you to invest your savings in different companies to help them grow. The features and pricing models can vary, with some apps offering free services while others charge fees. For example, bill-saving apps like Truebill charge a commission based on the savings they generate, while cashback apps are typically free and generate revenue from advertisements. Savings and investment apps usually generate revenue through the use of your funds, similar to traditional banks, as well as through premium add-ons.

Is there an app that saves your spare change? Yes, there are several apps that round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and save or invest the spare change for you. Acorns, Stash, and Varo are popular examples of such apps. This convenient feature allows you to incrementally grow your savings without any extra effort, making it an excellent choice for those who struggle with manual saving.

Which Money Saving App Is Best for You? The ideal money-saving app for you depends on your unique financial objectives and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of which apps might suit your needs:

  • Cashback or Bill-Checking Apps: These apps are fantastic if you’re looking for an easy way to save and want to leverage discounts or lower rates on your regular expenses. By linking your credit card or bills, you can effortlessly uncover potential savings.
  • Savings or Investment Apps: If you want to save or invest your money but find yourself tempted to spend it instead, apps like Acorns or Digit can be valuable. They automate the process, helping you set aside small change or a portion of your paycheck toward your financial goals. Remember, while money-saving apps are powerful tools, they’re just one piece of the financial puzzle. To achieve sound financial management, it’s crucial to create a budget and diligently track your expenses. Fortunately, there are apps available for these tasks as well, ensuring you have a comprehensive approach to your financial well-being.

By delving deeper into these money-saving apps, you can discover the perfect companion to boost your savings and achieve your financial goals.

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