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DON’T SETTLE FOR THE WRONG PARTNER - Discover the Psychological Reasons Why You Always Choose the Wrong Partner

dont choose the wrong partner

What You Know About Choosing the Right Partner Is Not Everything

Have you been having difficulties coping with your current relationship?

Do you always see yourself ending up with the same wrong partner over and over again?

Are you struggling to make the right choices when it comes to choosing a mate?

Do you know why most of your relationship struggle to work?

Don’t Settle for The Wrong Partner will show:

• The 5 most commonly used patterns for choosing a mate and why it is currently the sources of unhappiness in relationship.

• Walk you through the exact step-by-step process of understanding your Relationship Bonding Style, where you got it from and how to work with your partner to resolve the challenges that comes from it.

• The 7 Reasons Why We Choose the Wrong Partners and Stay in An Unhappy Relationship. Uncovering the 5 Signs That Shows You Have Chosen the Wrong Person.

• Why a Visit to Your Childhood Unmet Needs Can Help in Uncovering How You Choose Your Mate and What to Do to Solve It.

• Walk you through the 6 factors to consider when choosing a mate in order to make a wise choice.

This is a masterpiece backed by psychology and deep scientific research from the wealth of experiences of thousands of people. Give the principles outlined in this book a chance by getting the book and see how it transforms your life for good.

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This book is, without doubt, the most powerful book you will read about
why we fall in love with the wrong person. Up to this day, I can assure
you that there is no other book similar or even close in content to this
one. The principles here will show you what areas to look out for when
choosing a mate. It will definitely increase your chances by ten folds in
making wise decisions in choosing the right partners in relationship.
This book is not about tips and tricks or a logical idea that can easily be
guessed, rather this book is based on complex behavioral psychological
principles, explained in a well simplified manner to be understood by all.
Most of the techniques in this book are backed by psychology and deep
scientific research from the wealth of experiences of thousands of
The objective of writing this book is to help you avoid the dangers
involved in making the wrong decision when choosing a mate. To help
those who are serious about a long-term relationship with marriage in
view, nothing more!!


Darlington Lloyd is a Personal Development Trainer and a Behavioral
Psychologist who loves to share deep insight into relationship, life and
business. He is a public speaker and an online business strategist. His
immense love for using his gift of experience and wisdom and advance
training to help others is clearly seen from the way he writes and train
others to do better.
He is the Author of “HEALING FROM HEART BREAK”. He has always loved
to express himself extensively through writing.
Darlington often writes because he loves to share his knowledge and
experiences with the world, inspiring hope and confidence to those who
struggle with relationship and behavioral issues. He writes nonfiction
books about Relationship and Behavioral Psychology, while helping
others to navigate the difficulties and challenges of life.

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